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Safe and speedy

Norway is the latest country to implement a digital border control system
First published on September 20, 2013

As countries seek to deal with the twin concerns of keeping their borders secure and ensuring a speedy passage through immigration for their citizens, they are increasingly turning to sophisticated digital border control systems.

Norway is the latest country to announce the implementation of such a structure. Gemalto has equipped the Norwegian National Police Directorate with its eBorder solution, which uses complex automatic passport verification and facial-recognition technology to provide Norwegian citizens traveling from non-Schengen countries with a quick journey through the country's busiest airport, Gardermoen.

The eGate features a two-stage verification process. At the first step, the traveler's passport is authenticated and, if approved, they move on to a second gate for automatic facial recognition. The traveler passes through the system when a computer confirms that the picture matches the electronic portrait stored on their ePassport.

No personal data is held within the eGate system itself, ensuring travelers' protection, and a border control guard can intervene manually at any point. The system's implementation will help clear bottlenecks of passengers at Gardermoen Airport, which handles more than 20 million travelers every year.

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