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Customer Stories


  • France

    A longstanding partner for Paris mass transit ticketing

    Paris combines the most crowded subway (Metro) system in Europe, with extensive bus lines and a commuter rail service covering a wide suburban area.Gemalto has been a durable and committed partner of RATP & SNCF for card issuance since 1999, without any interruption. In particular, the NAVIGO™ contactless pass uses Gemalto's dual-interface (contact and contactless) smart cards with Calypso microprocessor technology. Our company equipped Parisians with over 10 million Calypso cards, which can be personalized with a photo ID, name and electric data. One third of these cards are issued together with a sophisticated packaging, for specific offers (tourists and people leaving outside Paris).

  • UK

    London travelers get smart

    The success of London’s Oyster smart card for travel has helped to increase awareness and acceptance of contactless technology in the United Kingdom
    Transport for London (TfL), the local government body responsible for developing and managing transportation services in the capital, introduced the Oyster card in 2003. According to Shashi Verma, TfL’s Director of Fares and Ticketing, eight million people use it regularly, with more than 43 million cards having been issued in total. Oyster cards are now used to pay for 96% of all bus trips and 80% of train journeys, which has cut the number of paper tickets issued by two thirds and reduced lines drastically. “We’re trying to take the pain out of traveling,” says Verma. Read more about Oyster.

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  • Sweden

    1.4 million Celego Mifare™ contactless cards

    In Sweden, Stockholm's Lokaltrafik AB awarded Gemalto a contract to provide 1.4 million Celego Mifare™ contactless cards. This includes several of our Allynis services such as a web-based Sales and Logistics interface, and our “CardLikeMe” which enables users to upload a picture of their choice to be printed on their personalized card.

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  • Chile

    Contactless in Chile

    Contactless technology was central to the renovation of Santiago de Chile’s mass transit system. First to benefit was the city’s subway, with more than 300 terminals and 160 reload points installed in 2003. E-ticketing was then extended to include Metrobus.  Today 8,500 buses are also equipped with contactless readers. The 5 million daily travelers can reload their cards at stations or at one of the 900 shops located around the city.
    Transantiago chose Gemalto’s e-ticketing solution because of earlier successful roll-outs in Latin America. They also appreciated our innovative semi-transparent card body, our ability to honor tight schedules, our capacity to handle complex projects involving other players and our local manufacturing and sales presence.
    Gemalto delivered around 4 million cards for the Santiago transit system in 2006.

  • Mexico

    A rapid bus transportation

    Leon, in Mexico, became that country’s first city to implement a rapid bus transportation system. Gemalto was chosen by PagoBus to provide 400,000 Celego Mifare™ contactless cards starting mid-2007.

  • USA

    Making public transport quicker

    Millions of passengers in Boston are traveling with greater speed and convenience by using our secure contactless cards.
    Commuters simply hold them close to a reader that instantly deducts the fare or validates their pass.

    Gemalto garnered several important and innovative projects with major cities worldwide in 2007. Among them, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority selected our transit payment devices for a project representing 3.5 million units.


  • China

    Developing transport schemes

     China was an early adopter of contactless technology and Gemalto has helped it deploy the world’s first programs in this sector. As a result we have delivered several million cards over the past ten years.
    Today some of China’s largest metropolitan areas, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and many provincial centers use Gemalto products and services for effective, profitable mass transit
    Gemalto has also delivered toll road solutions, with successful roll-outs in several dynamic provinces. Chinese municipal authorities have repeatedly picked Gemalto for its local manufacturing capabilities, the quality of its cards, its capacity to deliver complete solutions including personalization and its rapid delivery times.

  • Taiwan


    How the transport sector is taking the lead in micropayments in Taiwan, bringing the market to the next level.
    From transport to open loop payments

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