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Discover the 8 key drivers in the move to new technologies in transport ticketing

​​​​​​​​As urban populations increase, the demand for public transport is on the rise. But there’s good news – exciting things are happening in the world of ticketing for public transport, right now. Travellers, transport companies and relevant partners can all benefit.

The K​ey Dri​vers

In our latest research digest we report on real changes, opportunities and passenger expectations. Plus, we’ve identified the eight key drivers in the move to new technologies. 

What, Why, H​ow, Whe​n 

When you work in the public transport industry, it’s vital that you stay up to date. If you want a smooth-running service with happy passengers, you’ll want to know what improvements you can make and when. In our research digest you’ll discover: 

  • Why cities should be planning decades ahead against population growth forecasts
  • How technologies can enhance transport infrastructures
  • How mobile ticketing​ can help to reduce stress in passengers' lives
  • How mobile phones are enhancing ticketing security
  • How new technologies have different appeals


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