Transport and Ticketing:NFC takes the transport experience to the next level

NFC Transforms the Transport Experience

Commuters can use their NFC mobile as a contactless transport ticket. Their transit pass can be stored digitally on their mobile phone and easily topped up anytime, anywhere. During any journey, passengers simply tap their mobile device on an NFC reader at the ticket barrier, or when boarding their train or bus.


NFC offers huge potential for the transport sector - thanks to the existing high deployment levels of contactless cards, readers and infrastructure in many major transport networks. The increasing number of NFC handsets on the market is also increasing widespread demand for NFC transport services.


Public transport use is increasing worldwide - passengers are making more journeys and spending longer in transit. Transport usage is also driven by the number of growing new cities, and by increasingly on-the-move lifestyles.


Passengers want to enjoy a convenient and carefree travel experience, and avoid unnecessary delays in transit, however small. Meanwhile, transport operators want an interoperable, fraud-reducing and cost-effective transport ticketing solution.


Contactless ticketing solutions (in which Gemalto has been an industry leader) have shown the potential to replace paper tickets and cash, accelerating transport and providing a secure sense of ease and mobility. NFC takes transport convenience and fluidity to the next level.


For Transport Operators

  • Reduce cost
  • Protect from fraud and fare evasion
  • Increase throughput at the gates
  • Bring convenience and satisfaction to commuters
  • Modernize and develop brand value

For MNOs

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Boost NFC adoption with transport mass usage
  • Enhance subscriber satisfaction
  • Expand services portfolio
  • Innovate and differentiate
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Mobile NFC Solutions for Transport

Gemalto's mobile NFC solutions for transport provide a scalable multi-applicative platform that guarantees high performance transactions, interoperability with mobility services, and the most flexible ticketing options, that can be combined seamlessly with payment solutions.

We provide mature and flexible mobile solutions for transport, validated by major transport integrators and already deployed commercially. Only a low investment is needed ֠our solution enables a high adaptability to compliant and non-compliant infrastructures.

Offering the most compelling mobile experience in public transport

Our solution based on NFC is adaptable to a large majority of transport contactless infrastructures at a worldwide level, enabling MNOs and transport operators alike to conveniently host, manage and deploy transport ticketing solutions across cities.

The variety of technologies used for contactless transport ticketing around the world is not an issue with Gemalto, as our solution is capable of automatically switching from one protocol to another, allowing for greater convenience and speed.

With Gemalto's solution, end-users can:

  • Access public transport, top-up their account and obtain travel information using their mobile phone.
  • Pay for transport tickets through the payment method of their choice (MNO billing, secure SIM online payment or NFC payment).
  • Conveniently travel from one transport operator's network to another without the need for a different transport application each time.

Why work with Gemalto?

With proven experience on NFC for transport through numerous completed projects worldwide, Gemalto brings not only a fully tested and developed NFC platform to our customers, but also valuable NFC ecosystem expertise.

  • Gemalto has an expert presence in each continent worldwide
  • Gemalto is the leading provider of NFC solutions for transport and ticketing, with more than 30 commercial launches
  • Gemalto was the world's first to integrate DESFire, Calypso, FeliCa contactless transport card into an NFC mobile phones
  • Gemalto is the first company who supports MIFARE4Mobile V2 on top of MIFARE Classic & DESFire on its NFC Secure elements (NFC SIM, eSE)
  • Gemalto and its portfolio of services for transport ticketing are the most awarded solutions in the industry: Top transportation & Ticketing Card vendor by ABI research (2014 & 2015), Best Mobile & Online Ticketing offer by Juniper Research (2015), Highly commended Ticketing solution and Best consumer offering by Juniper Research (2016), First in transport credentials shipments by IHS (2015)
  • Gemalto's NFC solution is validated to work with over 90% of transport systems worldwide (MIFARE Classic, DESFire, MIFARE4Mobile V1 & V2, Calypso, FeliCa, T-Money and more) and is tested to fully work with over 60+ NFC handsets